Why so Angry?

  Although anger is a normal human emotion, when it feels unyielding and persistent, it could indicate something deeper, such stress or anxiety . You can be angry. Life doesn't always go as you plan or need it to, and becoming angry when you feel wronged is normal. In truth, rage is one of the most fundamental emotions and is necessary for living. Your biological threat responses can be activated by anger, including your cardiovascular and neurological systems. However, anger that is persistent, overwhelming, or uncontrollable may exceed levels that are constructive and instead make it difficult for you to go about your daily activities. When anger is uncontrolled? Even though it's normal to feel angry, unchecked anger can have a bad effect on your life. Because we are unpleasant to be around or because our anger can be distressing to others, people may start to avoid us. The ability to compromise, which is essential in relationships, may become more difficult. For peop

What is Depression?

The term " depression " refers to a mood disorder . It might be characterised as melancholy, grief, or rage that interferes with daily tasks. Also, it's very typical. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information According to Trusted Source, 18.5% of American adults in any given 2-week period in 2019 experienced depressive symptoms. Despite the similarities between depression and grief, sadness or grief experienced after a tragic incident or the loss of a loved one are not the same as depression. Grief normally does not involve self-hatred or a loss of self-esteem, although depression frequently does. Positive feelings and joyful recollections of the deceased frequently go hand in hand with emotional suffering while someone is grieving. Sadness is a persistent feeling in major depressive disorder . A depressive episode lasts at least two weeks and is characterised by a depressed mood (sad, irritated, or empty feelings) or a loss of enjoyment or interest in